Purpose for Health

Step-by-Step support to promote wellness and maintain a healthy lifestyle

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Purpose for the Race

Running plans for 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons to help you finish strong

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Purpose for the Next Level

Result oriented plans built to take your performance to the next level

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Purpose for Leadership

Developing stronger runners while empowering today's leaders

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Who We Are

Metro-Atlanta based certified coaching service that trains runners of all levels across the country. Our services are designed to meet the changing needs of athletes and non-athletes alike.

What We Do

Real change only comes through growth. Run On Purpose founder, Trey Brush, provides a unique training regimen, emphasizing purpose to maximize your growth and results.

How We're Different

Personalization. Each training plan is carefully customized and tailored around your busy schedule to help you realistically achieve your specific goals.

What's Next?

Tired of making excuses? Ready to make those goals you've been wanting to achieve a reality? Contact Run On Purpose for your free face-to-face session of how we can help you get started.

"Run on Purpose Coaching exists for Inspiration, Instruction and Change. We want to inspire you to live with a sense of purpose to find meaning in all areas of life. My goal is to get you to the finish line Happy and healthy" -Trey Brush Founder & Coach of Run on Purpose