• My first race

    Posted on April 8, 2011 by in Uncategorized

    So a few weeks ago I did a post about my last race and of course it was not my last race, just my last race in my 30’s.  Well I had to do a post on my first race of my 40’s of course.  Tonight I will be running my first race as a 40-year-old.  The 9th Annual Dale Sanders Apalachee Wildcat 5k.  It is another evening race but this one is not in the dark.

    My goal is simple, PR.  I hope to make my first race in my 40’s faster than any race I ran in my 30’s.  We will just see.  I know nothing about this race at all.  My practicing patience last time did not work out so well for me but I hope to give it another try tonight.

    I have not exactly tapered for this race but I am just treating it like my speed-work for the week.  As I went out yesterday morning I thought to myself that I hope I have fresher legs for the race tomorrow night.

    For my last race I think I was doing a good bit of reflecting over the past 10 years.  For this race there has been none of that!  I just wanna run!  Will let you know how it goes.

    Happy running….

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  1. Judith says:

    Hope you have a fabulous run for the first one in your forties!! Go, Trey!! May the wind be always at your back!

    • tbrush3 says:

      I really appreciate that. Still hard to say I am in my forties.

      • Evan Fiedler says:

        What was your fastest time in your 30’s? Of course, I am going to recommend checking out my e-book Come Run with Me, but at the same time I am curious as to how fast you are looking to run and at what distance…

        • tbrush3 says:

          I think my PR for the 5K was a 19:25. That was just last year. I would like to get under 19 but my real concern is a BQ. Might take some time but I have some time as well!

  2. joerunfordom says:

    Welcome to Masters running Trey! We’ll actually be in the same AG until July of next summer – I think it a moral imperative that we find a way to race together this year ….. maybe I’ll make it out for the Peachtree Road Race …. enjoy this one Trey. Like the marathon, nothing like the first one. You’ll remember this for a long time. Be fast my man.

  3. Elvi says:

    I started running marathons in my 40s. Now, I don’t mind saying how old I am. Could it be that we are trying to race against time?
    Thanks for the twitter follow!

    • tbrush3 says:

      Very well said. I was a late bloomer as well. I just ran my first marathon in 2007. Still trying to figure out how! Work in progress

  4. Katie M. Key says:

    40’s are SO the new 20’s! I have LOTS of friends who are becoming faster and better with their running the older they get! Be smart about your training and keep up the good work!

    • tbrush3 says:

      I love it. Thanks Katie! I am about 70 pounds lighter than when I was in my 20’s. That gives me more to enjoy now!