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    I wish I was at a place where I could have written this down in more detail but I heard Lawrence Krauss who I believe is a physicist say this week that we need to quit giving our kids in school so many solvable problems.  In school he stated that every problem kids are given are problems that can be solved.  In reality he says that is just not the case.  This is why they get frustrated once they hit the real world.  Not everything that they deal with can be solved.

    I really appreciate hearing this and it reminds me of one of my favorite books by John Maxwell, “Failing Forward”.

    Lawrence went on to say that sometimes in these problems you have to find middle ground and it will not always be solved.

    Some problems in life need to be managed, not solved.  I have never truly believed I have solved the problem of getting everything done in life and training for a marathon.  That is not something to be solved but something to be managed.  I need to think about that balance each and every day.  I need to always think  about how I will get it the training and how I will balance my life.

    Are we giving ourselves too many solvable problems?  It is a good thought.

    Happy running….

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Great thought Trey – I love the way you learn and grow and are so open to words of wisdom!