• A bad ten minutes

    Posted on April 16, 2011 by in Uncategorized

    For about ten minutes of a run the other day I had one of those moments.  Everything started to hurt for some reason, I felt really sore, I felt sluggish and had heavy legs.  It became ten minutes of questioning everything!  I would eventually ask myself “What the heck was I thinking signing up for one of these races again?”

    I eventually ran my way out of my little funk but the thoughts just stuck with me a little bit.  I really feel like I need a little win in my 12 hour race in June.  That will go a long way into how I feel about my 24 hour race.  I just need something positive to happen in my next race.  I have had so little go right in these races that I have had very little confidence to lean on in those down moments.  I am hoping a change in training and a new race day strategy might provide the fix I need.

    That still leaves me dealing with those bad moments like I did this week.  I am not entirely sure the best way to deal with those moments but to accept them for what they are and just run through it.  I would imagine I am not the only one to deal with those moments.  Add a little stress in other areas in your life onto that and you begin to wonder what you are doing at times.  I know these things are mental but for me the mental battles are tougher than the physical battles.

    Today?  Well today I am fine.  Still learning how to deal with those ten minutes when they come.

    Happy running….

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  1. joerunfordom says:

    Trey – I think every runner has that period of time in every race no matter the distance, it might be 10 minutes, it might be only 1 minute – but those questions start to creep in.

    Starting back in December at the Decker Half (race three of that race series I was in) – I started asking myself out loud on the course, “How bad do you want this today?”

    For some reason it made me lock in focus and has helped me ever since. Including that day the next four races 13.1. 5K, 13.1, 26.2 went PR, PR, PR, PR/BQ

    Feel free to borrow anytime Trey – we’ve all been there my brother. Keep up the great work!

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Trey
    I remember my first 100K run. We started at 4:00 am, and the relay teams running 100 K started at 6:00 am.

    I’d forgotten about the fast guys and at about 45K two guys went past me as though I was standing still.

    It took me at least 30 minutes to recover from the shock, but eventually got back into my race. as long as we do our best, all is good.