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    Posted on April 27, 2012 by in Status Updates

    The ING NYC Marathon has held my money for a while so I knew I was in, but to get a confirmation this week was exciting.  Let the journey begin.

    It is a race I have wanted to run since before I ran my first marathon.  The start has not been ideal with my foot status but we are getting there.  I heard a great thought the other day in regards to something not running related that I plan to borrow.  Success depends on how good you can execute Plan B.  Back in January I new what Plan A was for New York.  I wanted to run a specific time and qualify for Boston.

    Is that still possible?  Currently, my left foot says no but we have a long way to go.  I am not giving up quite yet on that, but I also need to have Plan B as a backup. 

    In reality this is a marathon I am excited to run, period.  I have been working on all sorts of different training plans.  It will probably be a hydrid of many training plans that I will just have to make work for me until I can get my foot where I want it.

    Each and every marathon journey I have taken has presented a unique challenge and this one will be no different.  I guess one thing about this one is that my challenge starts so early on in my training.

    Would the marathon be so rewarding at the end if it was easy?

    Happy running….


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  1. MarathonMom09 says:

    Congratulations on getting in! Wishing you all the best during your training and a great race!

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  3. Maddy says:

    Congrats!! the NYC marathon looks incredible…definitely on my running bucket list!