• My Peachtree Road Race- Mile #2 – #3 (Re-post)

    Posted on June 20, 2014 by in Race Reports, Training Tips

    As we continue to march forward to the Peachtree I thought it might be helpful to re-post a series of entries I did a few years ago about my experiences with the Peachtree.  I hope you enjoy.


    You enjoyed the first mile I can assure you of that.  If you liked the first mile, you will love this mile.  All downhill!  And not the steep tear your legs up downhill, but the gradual slight downhill where you can really build up some momentum.  I am just about positive this is always one of my fastest miles of the race, if not my fastest.

    Right after you pass mile marker #1 there is a water stop for you if you need it.  Most need it at this point.  After the water stop, if I recall, there is a slight turn to the left through the Buckhead area.  This mile can be pretty entertaining.

    Highlights over the years from this mile:

    – I have seen Donuts passed out and eaten in front of the Publix- I can enjoy a donut but not two miles into the Peachtree!

    – Beer.  Yes, I have seen takers on the beer as well.

    – Welcome to Moe’s!  The Moe’s restaurant is always throwing out something and much of the time it is a T-shirt.

    – I am also pretty sure at this point on the right hand side of the road you can get splashed and blessed with Holy Water.  Yes, I am serious.  My Mom usually gets her dose.

    I know what you are wondering, is this a race or a festival?  The answer is both.  The answer is whichever one you want.  The closer you are to the front, the less craziness you see.  You can run this race however you want.  That is what makes it unique.

    No matter what, the race is 6.2 miles long and you might as well do whatever you need to do to keep it fun and make it to the finish.

    The year that we had to walk to the finish, we were passed by the Mayor Shirley Franklin.  We looked at each other and realized just how slow we were going.  No offense to her, but that is the fact!  You probably are thinking many of my course highlights come from the year I had to walk.  Well it is much easier to see more of the course at a 20 minute per mile pace than 6-7 minute mile pace.

    It is a course I know well because until this past year I also ran much of this course as a part of the Atlanta Half Marathon.  The old course in my mind is better than this new one they have chosen.

    Here is one thing I can tell you about this course.  If it was a 5K, it would be a 5K I would always run.  You could really make it happen.  But it is not a 5K and it is the second half of the race that makes it what it is.  The second half of the race is why I really enjoy this race.  You can’t just go out there and run ’til it hurts.  You really need to have a plan on how you are going to attack and run this course.

    As you finish mile #2 you are in a semi-shaded area of the course and surrounded by churches.  Also a highlight for me is Fellini’s Pizza.  I put away some slices at that place back in the day.  As far as scenery this is one of the best parts of the course.  If there was a showcase part of the course I would take a picture of, this would be it.

    As you finish Mile #2, you still have some good downhill running in front of you.  Not much will change for the next mile.  You are still running downhill.  This is still a very scenic and partly shaded part of the course.  Not to worry, the shade and the downhill is about to go away so enjoy it while you can.

    There is one more nice long downhill in front of you as you finish mile #3.  You will make a slight turn to your right around the corner and you can almost always miss the Mile Marker #3.  Part of that is because it is usually around some trees but mostly because you are distracted about what lies in front of you.  Welcome to the Peachtree Road Race.  Now your race is about to begin.  Hope you enjoyed the warm up.

    More to come…The Real Peachtree Road Race

    Happy running….

    More to come…