• Lessons from my back – Last lesson Part 10 It’s a Process

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    I would guess some of you have looked at this and thought, geez Trey…how much did you learn? Well, a week in the hospital and several weeks on your back gives you time to think!  So the last thing I wanted to write about is without doubt my favorite because it is actually one I get really excited about.  I am a process guy.  It is why I love training for a race, I get fired up about the training process and seeing myself get better.


    Let me be clear about the next statement, I don’t wish all along I had surgery and I am not excited about starting over in many ways but I am excited to see and go through the process over the next several months. It will be a nice reminder of taking me back where I started in the first place.


    The basic instruction I was given is that over the first 6 weeks I am going to do easy walking. He looked at me seriously and said again…Very Easy Walking.  After that, he will give me instruction but he sees me getting back to everything I have done before.


    The process has been interesting from the very start. I have gotten up some days and felt great and I have been amazed at how good I feel.  I have gotten up other days….well, I would say I don’t feel like that other day!  At least I have a base line set up for how I can feel.  Right now I keep going back to…a few weeks ago I could not move at all.  Each and every day I try to walk and then walk some more.  I don’t work up a sweat, just an easy walk.


    I am truly excited about what is ahead. I am excited to walk more and walk faster.  I am excited to run again.  I am excited to train again and I am excited to see a start line again in the future.  I will be updating it here on a weekly basis.  I need to talk about it so this gives me the place to do so.


    I am ready for the journey and excited about the process.


    Happy running….happy walking….

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  1. Congratulations on beginning the recovery process!