• What to expect on the road to recovery…

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    So, I am not a big fan on surprises. I like to know what to expect ahead of time.  I am the runner that usually reads race reports and course descriptions and I try to find out everything I can about the race ahead of time.  I like to know if the hero lives or dies at the end of the movie.  I know…I am strange like that.


    That means going through the recovery process has been a bit strange. I have had a lot of problems finding out what this would be like.


    Questions I had…

    What will I feel like in week 3 and week 6?

    What obstacles will I face?

    What will it feel like to walk again?

    How can I start running again?


    I just have not found resources about what a runner can expect and how to get back to it. Will I be running in 6 weeks or 6 months?  That is something I want to find out.


    These are answers I could not find anywhere. So I have decided I would do this on my own.  So, it you are that runner just that one runner that this might help then I will celebrate.  Maybe this helps one person.  My plan each week is to give you some idea of how recovery is going or how it went?  What pain did I feel?  Am I walking, sitting, driving or running that week?


    I remember when my wife and I got pregnant the first time. I was loving that “What to expect when you are expecting” book.  If you have had back surgery or any surgery maybe this helps you just a bit.  If not, maybe you might just want to follow along and see how I get better and back to the start line.



    Week 1


    The first week was a very interesting week to say the least. It was filled with a couple of things physically.  First, I wanted to get up and walk.  Since I had been down and out for a couple of weeks I wanted to get out of bed and test out my new back.  Second, I always needed a nap!  Now, those who know me understand how crazy that is.  I don’t take naps…ever.  I have never had a desire for a nap.


    My instructions leaving the hospital was to get moving and start an easy walking program. I was told to take it really easy.  I was trying to walk a couple of times a day just in my house.  They did not want me walking hills, stairs and they did not want me to get stuck a mile away from home.  So, all of my walking was inside my house.  I could tell how important that was because I would feel fantastic one minute and all of the sudden it would hit me out of the blue…I would go downhill and in a flash.


    The pain was very interesting this week and nothing I had not been told to expect. I was told I could expect parts of that sciatic nerve acting up here and there.  My back was extremely tight at the point of the incision and sitting straight up was not really an option.


    My first week consisted of a lot of walking around the house, a lot of recovery laying down, a couple of naps during the day and a steady dose of keeping up on the pain medication. If I did not stay on schedule…it would become a problem quickly.


    What surprised me? The sciatic pain was gone.  As I stood up my first time after surgery I was shocked and amazed that the pain was gone.  I had new pain and it was localized but I was astounded at just how quick it was gone.  The other surprise and item I did not like was numbness in my toes still.  I was told that was part of the recovery and that should come back to me.


    All in all, looking back on week 1 I could not be happier at where I finished my week. I knew headed into week 2, I wanted to try to sit some.  I would not be able to return to normal activities without being able to sit and get off of the pain medications.


    Next up week 2.