• What to expect on the road to recovery Week #2

    Posted on April 6, 2016 by in Uncategorized

    Ouch…I would start week 2 with that. To finish week 1 I had a ton of confidence.  I had so much confidence in fact I decided I wanted to test myself and see if I needed the pain medication still….The answer was yes!  That is all right, I learned some that week.  I would begin to test the boundaries some during week #2.  I would see what would work and what would not work.


    What was I testing:

    • I was trying to sit some
    • I was trying to lay down less
    • I would try to take less pain medication
    • I was trying to walk more


    Obstacles I was hitting:

    • I was feeling more pain because of less medication
    • I was getting tired easy because I was trying to stand up more
    • I was very cloudy in the head
    • I lacked energy


    Week 2 gave me a range of emotions. I was able to compare week 2 with where I was 2 weeks before when I could not stand, walk or move!  I would call that progress.  However, if I was not careful I could easily have gotten discouraged because I would seem to have more obstacles.  I did have to assess why.  The reason why was because I was doing more.


    Some of the pain I had in week 1 was getting better. I was feeling less of the sciatic nerve pain in my lower leg.  In week 1 I had been waking up with very minor pain down in that calf of my leg.  That was getting better this week.  Some of the numbness in my toes was improving but it was still there.  The biggest thing I was feeling and it was impacting my sleep was like a “heavy leg syndrome”.  This impacted me at bed time more than any other time.  It felt like the leg that had been my problem was made of concrete.  It was so heavy and it really caused me problems trying to sleep.


    Of all the things that were problems in week 2, the biggest ones I had were not sleeping well and the need to see improvement from sitting more. I would get dizzy or very lightheaded from standing or walking too much but I knew how to solve that.


    My big thing for the next week is that I wanted to get back to normal some. I wanted to try and get back to work.  I knew I would have a check-up the next week but I wanted to go back to work very bad.  In order to do that I needed to get of some of the medication and prove I could sit.  That is how week 3 would have to begin.


    Next up…week #3