• What to expect on the road to recovery–Week 3 and Week 4

    Posted on April 15, 2016 by in Uncategorized

    Strangely enough this was one of my tougher weeks.  I think it might have been for a couple of reasons.  First, I was given the hope that I could begin to go back to work for a little bit each day and I could begin to do a little more than I had before.  Because of that I think I had expectations I would be close to normal.

    For that reason, it was really easy to do more than I might have the energy to do.  I would begin working half days at the office week 3 and the big things I noticed was my energy levels were just shot.  In the past I have always used a standing desk and now, I just could not manage to stand for long.

    Just a few hours into each day I was usually battling the head fog and just worn out.  Most days I would go home and just crash at the end of the day.

    On the real positive side, most of my pain was gone by this point and I was able to do things I had not done before.  I could walk, sit, stand and drive myself where I wanted.  These were all things I had not been able to do for weeks.  My only real limitation was just how long I could sit.  It would get uncomfortable really fast.

    Week 3 was one of those strange weeks where you had to reflect back on where you had been to really be encouraged by the progress.  The only discouragement to me, was I wanted to be ALL BACK!  It just takes time.

    I remember my doctor telling me, you will not be tempted to run until it is time.  He was dang right!  I would have zero interest in running!  My interest was most a nap!


    Week 4 would be a real test for me physically.  Mostly, it was just because of my work.  We would have one of our bigger events of the year and it would be important for me to not do too much.  I am a “hands on” type of guy and it is tough for me to sit on the side and watch.

    What would surprise me about week 4 was the dramatic improvement from one week to the next.  It was shocking to me.  I could do much more than I could the previous week.  I did not feel normal yet but I could tell I was getting better.

    I was trying to be cautious and not do to much but I spent many more hours on my feet.  The other thing I did was start walking for exercise.  As week 4 began I forced myself out the door to easy walk.  The fresh air and the exercise really did seem to help.

    The big thing that was still hanging over my head was the energy level.  I was still getting tired but nothing like the week before.  The other really good news was that I had been cleared by my doctor that once the 6 weeks of recovery is done, I do not need to return to the doctor.

    His recommendation is to listen to my body but to slowly return to all normal activities…which of course include running.  This was the best news yet.

    The difficult thing for week 4 for me was because of my work.  I was working many more hours this week than I had since February so I felt very tired but having the ability to work that hard showed me I was making fantastic progress.


    Happy running….Happy recovering….


    Happy Running…Happy Recovering….