• More questions than answers…but there are many answers

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    Well…we are just over 9 weeks from back surgery. So, the best progress report is this.  Just over 9 weeks ago, I could not walk.  In the past 7 days I have run over 15 miles.  If I stopped there, that is enough good news to celebrate.


    It is not all great news but there is not a much bad news either. I put on a few pounds while not running.  I also went over 2 complete months with no running at all.  So, to say I am a little out of shape if like saying there is water in the ocean.


    One of the things I struggle with in general is patience. For example, I run the longest I have run yet which is a 5 mile run.  Because I don’t feel great the next morning, I have already declared, I am not sure if a half marathon or marathon is ever in my future again.  (Talk about glass half empty!)  I was again reminded, I am just a few shorts weeks into getting back.


    I have run 9 runs since I have come back. That is right, 9 runs!  From not being able to move to 9 runs.  Still though, you are reminded each day how you used to feel.  You remember what you could do, not what you can do.  That reminder is what makes this difficult.


    I would agree, 9 weeks and 9 runs into recovery is hardly a problem. Trust me, as I run each day I thank God he has given me this ability and I am so grateful for being able to run.


    Will I be able to run a 10k? Will I be able to run a half marathon?  Will I be able to run a marathon?


    These are all great questions. There are all questions I don’t know the answer to.  In reality, I think so.  If I did not think so, I would not have tried to run 5 miles this week!


    Yes, there are more questions but each day I feel like I continue to answer more. Steady on.


    Happy running….

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  1. I’m delighted to read that you’re running again! Congratulations!!