• From my back to the start line

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    13 weeks. That is right, 13 weeks ago I was in a bed at the hospital preparing for surgery on my back.  Just 13 weeks ago, I could not run, walk or crawl.  I could roll back and forth some!


    Whenever I have rough weeks, whenever I have weeks where I don’t feel good, I just remind myself about 13 weeks ago. I started my running adventure again just 6 weeks ago.  I went from 1 run a week, to 2 runs and worked my way up to running 5 times last week.


    Am I back? No, no I am not.  I am getting better?  More than you know.


    I am running slower, I am running half the distance I was before….but I am running. This past weekend I did an 8 mile trail run with my oldest son.  As we suffered in the heat I was many times overwhelmed by the site of the outdoors.  From the trees, the lake, the beautiful trail it was just all incredible.


    A few years ago I would have looked at where I am now and been frustrated. I look now and I am grateful.  I am so thrilled to be moving and running.


    This weekend is a special weekend. From a ruptured disc to a start line.


    Earlier this year before my back injury, I had signed up for a 12 hour race in the Midsummer Night’s Dream Hourly Ultra. Obviously I am not running a 12 hour ultra.  I did however, switch to the 3 hour version.  The longest run I have had yet is about 8.5 miles.  So, I am not ready to get after it this weekend, nor do I have the desire to.  Even better than running a race, I am running this race with my oldest son.  It will be the first race of significant distance for him.


    We should have the opportunity to get caught up on everything in life over 3 hours Saturday night.


    Our race starts at 9pm and ends at midnight. It does not matter the distance, it does not matter the pace I am just so excited to have another opportunity to pin a race number on.  13 weeks ago, well…I just did now know.  It makes you so grateful for just a race number.  So grateful.


    Happy running….

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  1. Congratulations on your recovery to this stage! A couple in my running group, Heather and Patrick, will be there for the 12 hour race.