About the Coach

“My experience and story is that of the everyday person.  At 250 pounds, constant back problems and declining health–I  had to make a decision.  There were motivating factors behind my commitment.  I began training, lost 85 pounds and have gone from a watcher of life to a doer.  I have gone from a couch dweller to marathon and ultra-marathon runner.

What needed to change were not my circumstances as much as my beliefs.  Deep within each of us is something that has driven us from our youth.  It might have gotten dusty and neglected; but it’s still there.  The goal of Run on Purpose is to help cultivate those who already know what their drive is and to help the others who have not found it to chase after it.

For me, Run on Purpose is not just about being a personal trainer, but so much more.  As a personal trainer and with your commitment we can begin to change the circumstances with small short term goals.  By helping change circumstances we will be able to push and tug on the heart of why you truly want to change.  What would be the use of change of your body if it truly did not change the person?  Being fit is not just a physical issue but it goes much deeper.  It is a mental, spiritual, family and work issue.  It will have an impact on all areas of your life.

I am not someone who has lived this out my whole life and I don’t have a natural gifted body and I don’t look like I was chiseled out of stone.  I was in the same place as the person who is looking for change.  I found my belief and why I wanted to change so badly.  That is in each of us waiting to be discovered so you can be what God has uniquely created you to be.”

– Trey Brush

Founder & Coach of Run on Purpose


Trey is a certified Running Coach through the RRCA and a VdotO2 certified Distance Coach with Dr. Jack Daniels who currently works with a wide range of athletes.


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