Packages with Purpose

Goals are not accomplished by accident. They are achieved through purpose. Our affordable packages are designed specifically around your goals. Packages focus around the philosophy that tailoring plans for each individual produces maximum results, in a way that can’t be a achieved through a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.  Customized training plans begin at $25 for 10 week plans.  For more customized coaching services where a coach is available to your via phone and e-mail there is a monthly charge of $50 per month.  The goal is to get you to the start line healthy and ready to face any challenge.


Run for Health

Designed for those who have never laced up a pair of running shoes or simply need a plan to be healthy, lose weight, or stay in shape. Our “Run for Health” packages help you establish a consistent foundation for your fitness. A great package option for those who wish to emphasize the enjoyment of running to stay healthy.


Run for the Race

Are you looking to sign up for the next local 5K or run the Peachtree Road Race with your friends this summer? “Run for the Race” training packages are designed to get your body into the proper running shape for any race ranging from a 5k to a half-marathon.



Run for the Next Level

Whether your goal is a achieving a new PR, qualifying for a higher seeding, or training for your first ultra-marathon, the right preparation and training plan make all the difference. For intermediate and experienced runners, our “Run for the Next Level” training plan is as demanding on your body and mind as you are. These packages are designed to condition you mentally and physically, helping you break through your plateaus and old habits. This plan is a no excuses, no nonsense training plan centered around your specific race goals.


Additional Services Offered by the Coach

Virtual Coaching


Additional Personal Sessions



*Please Contact Us for all question as all running plans are custom designed for your specific goals