Run for the Race-Goal: Half-Marathon

I have always been an athlete, but never a runner. Running was the activity I did to stay in shape or build endurance for other sports. Needless to say, I have never found enjoyment in running. Running races of any distance has never been considered normal for me or a way I chose to spend my time. The only running tradition I had ever known was to run the Peachtree Road Race with family and my wife; but that was the extent of my racing experiences.

Even with all of that said, one of my goals has been to run a half-marathon.  It’s one of those goals I wanted to achieve one day, even though you I wasn’t in the shape to do it and had no plan on how to get there.

Trey plan for me was specifically designed around my schedule. I travel four days a week and with the remaining three, I want to spend time with my family. Running six days a week for me is just not realistic. The ROP training plan got me in the best running shape I had ever been in and was extremely realistic and flexible with my needs.  I ran the Atlanta Thanksgiving half marathon in November of 2010. My goal before the race was just to cross the finish line.  By the time, I got to mile 13, I was in a full out sprint and I finished strong at 2 hours and 15 minutes. Never would I have thought I would have been able to run 13.1 miles. Even more than the distance, I never thought I could enjoy running for two straight hours. The Run on Purpose plan didn’t just generate results–it blew away my expectations I set for myself.  I also found myself enjoying getting outside, putting my iPod in and taking off.  Training was not easy; but the plan gave me daily goals to achieve so the gains I made weren’t by accident.  I got the support I needed I make one of my long shot goals real.

:: Andrew B.  (Buford, GA)